Mar 25th 2020

RFID based sales enablement & product tracking solution

Customers show interest in various products and consider buying them. But most of the times, interest in a product does not get converted into sales because of reasons including lack of adequate information about the products, poor sales training, etc. In-Store Sales Enablement & Product Tracking Solutions leverage the latest technologies to bridge that gap, and they can have high-impact on conversion. It also offers you numerous other advantages in terms of analytics and inventory management, enabling you to find improvements in all aspects of your retail business.

  • Poor sales training and unequipped sales personnel all contribute to low conversion rates.
  • Bridge this gap with technology that automatically pulls product information from a central database and empowers sales personnel.
  • Enable your sales team with live product catalogs & dynamic information that can help them guide customers through the purchase process successfully.
  • Track product movement and sales live and analyse extensive statistics on best selling products and products that customers show interest in most.
  • Link it with existing inventory management system and improve efficiency of procurement and stocking.

Arizon Digital’s Sales Enablement & Product Tracking Solution helps you skim through the vast bank of product and customer data through a simple and convenient interface. You can live track products, understand customer trends, performance and sales effectiveness easily.

Our solution

Our solution

Now track inventory throughout the retail supply chain, from the warehouse all the way to the sales floor.

The RFID technology helps track inventory effectively, enabling retailers to have real-time stock information at their fingertips. Empowered with data, retailers can analyse product performance and have better control of stock. They can identify the fast-moving products and ensure that they are never out of stock, by means of pro-active and more efficient procurement.

They can identify the products that people show interest in, and give them an extra sales push for better conversion. It also reduces labour costs as there is no need for employees to physically check items. Every product can be identified with a unique identifying number. This offers extra security and reduction in retail shrinkage and loss.

That’s not all. The customer data that gets captured through this tagging can help retail stores make improvements, right from optimizing store layout to cross selling and up-selling products depending on customer preferences and buying behavior.

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