Dealer Credit

The success of a B2B site depends on the dealers and the products listed in it. When a customer is searching for a product, the dealers who offer the specific product should be visible. The availability of dealers from the nearest location to the customers, offering the product at a competitive price, plays a major role in sales conversion. Therefore, it is important to make it easy for the dealers to enlist themselves in the eCommerce site and add their product offerings.

Arizon Digital's Dealer Manager makes it possible for you to allow dealers to sign up for your B2B eCommerce site. The dealers can easily submit the necessary documents for your perusal and approval. With a few click's they can be listed as dealers in your site.

The dealer's interface gives them access to the system and shows them relevant information, such as special pricing and other terms. With the information available, the dealer can tweak their product listings for better sales.

As the dealers update their details such as location, company description and product catalog, customers can find them by searching based on location and the product categories. By creating visibility, the app helps the dealers get more customers and achieve sales conversion.

The app also allows customers to select their preferred dealers while placing orders. This improves the rating of those dealers and helps other customers to find the best rated dealers. It also enables those dealers get the necessary sales credit.