Quote App

Competition in B2B ecommerce is fierce, and staying ahead requires making your site stand out. Paying attention to detail and incorporating functionalities that enhance the user experience of your site go a long way in converting a customer's interest into sales. Adding the capability to provide instant quotes for custom orders is one such factor that can make a big difference.

A B2B customer, unlike a typical B2C customer, prefers to configure the products, customize the order, get a quote and receive approval from a deciding authority, before making a purchase. In this process, getting a custom quote from an ecommerce site takes time, when the vendor manually takes up the request for the quote during working hours. This delay and pause can affect the sales conversion.

Arizon Digital's RFQ app integrates with your ecommerce platform to provide instant quotes for custom orders. The app also exports the quote in PDF format for quick and easy sharing and approval. This helps avoid the delay involved in the conventional process of manual quoting and instantly gives customers the details required for a quicker decision making. As a result, the process of searching for products, configuring them, getting quotes and placing orders becomes smooth and streamlined, thus improving the customer experience and increasing sales conversion.

RFQ App packs all the tools required for managing your quotes. It brings your quotes together in the dashboard, enabling your our sales representatives to follow up with each customer and achieve sales conversion.

We can integrate RFQ App to sites built on various eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc. and customize it to suit your requirements.