Sales Rep App

The role of a sales representative is crucial in a B2B ecommerce store. Unlike B2C sites, the B2B stores do not usually list the price of the products. Further, the customers have to choose the right product from a vast number of similar products from different manufacturers, customize them, get quotes and purchase them in large quantities. It requires assistance from a sales representative, whose support can be only as good as the tools made available to him/her.

Arizon Digital's Sales Rep Dashboard empowers your sales representatives. It helps the sales personnel assist the customers in moving away from the conventional ordering method and adopting the ecommerce ordering channel. At the same time, it retains their sales credit and ensures continuity and a smooth transition. It automatically assigns customers to the sales representatives and provides them with the details of the orders from the assigned customers. It also makes relevant order statuses, pricing and other important data, such as inventory and list of popular products easily accessible.

Equipped with all the important data, the sales representatives can promptly communicate with the assigned customers and assist them in finding the right products, getting quotes and placing orders. With this streamlined user-friendly process, the sales representative can improve productivity and achieve better sales conversion. In addition to it, the dashboard also allows the sales representative to place and modify orders on behalf of the assigned customers.

We at Arizon Digital can customize the app and integrate it seamlessly to existing ecommerce sites built on various platforms.