Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Your competitive Advantage

With the exponential growth of e-commerce, the buying habits of customers have changed. The convenience of buying from anywhere using a mobile device has moved a significant amount of shopping from physical stores to ecommerce sites.

However, it is also true that more than 80% of the sales still happen in a physical store. So, it is time for small retail businesses to take advantage of the technologies that make ecommerce sites attractive. The future of physical retail stores depends on how businesses embrace the new and emerging technologies to transform the in storeshopping experiences.

Arizon Digital offers you solutions that integrate digital enhancements to your brick and mortar store and enable you to offer unique experiences that online retail cannot offer. These solutions provide you with precious insights on the customer preferences and enhance store operational efficiency. All these add footfall into your store and higher sales conversion.

  • Understand Customer Preferences with RFID Technology

    RFID tags added to the products sense the movement of the product in the store and interaction with it. It helps you identify the most preferred products and decide product display in store for better conversion. You can also identify and give additional sales push for the products that move slowly.

  • Intelligent Inventory Management for Better Efficiency

    Our product tracking solutions provide you with data on the best-selling products and also products that receive attention from the customers. By linking it with the existing inventory management system, you can track the movement of the product from warehouse to customer’s hands. This enables pro-activeproductstocking and you will always be able to offer customers what they need. Also, every product has its own ID, which greatly enhances security and reduces shrinkage.

  • Empower Sales Personnel with Relevant Product Information

    Our solution automatically brings product literature to a mobile device of the sales person. Equipped with the right information, even a new sales person can explain about the products better and convert the interest of the customer into sales.

  • Immersive Experience for Enhanced Appeal

    Arizon Digital leverages new and emerging technologies such as AR and VR to help you offer customised immersive shopping experience. Your customers can experience the products from a completely new perspective. It helps customers interact more with the products and increasesales conversion in the store.

Our solution

Our solution