Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce: The sound of future

Ease of ordering, reordering and getting timely product suggestions are important factors that drive sales. The advent of voice assistants and smart speakers has made a great impact on all the aboveinteractions. Customers areincreasingly shopping with a voice commands.

Harnessing the power of these emerging technologies and integrating them in your eCommerce site is imperative to thrive in retail business. Arizon Digital has developed smart voice commerce solutions that understand the customer preferences and make timely suggestions. They can even help close a purchase and directly send order details to the third-party dealers/vendors to dispatch the ordered items to the customer’s address.

  • A pocketable virtual assistant

    The voice assistant developed by Arizon Digital is easy and convenient to call on. It enablescustomers to quickly search for products, get all relevant information and make instant purchase decisions. With voice assistant, a purchase is merely a few voice commands away, making online purchase a breeze.

  • Reorder Quickly

    When the customers have some products on shopping list already, or if they make repeated purchases of the same product, then they can simply ask the assistant to reorderand deliver them home with a simple voice command.

  • Automated Product Suggestions

    The voice assistant automatically analyses and identifies customer preferences from multiple sources of data such as search history, order history, etc., and gives customised product suggestions to each user. It helps close a purchase faster and also, it can automatically direct a third-party vendor/dealer to ship the product.

  • Fast forward shopping

    The voice assistant takes over the task of filling all the information required for shopping, which a customer would otherwise have to spend a lot of time in typing. The voice assistant lets customer skip typing all the personal information. This makes online shopping faster and decrease drop outs.