Integrated Commerce

Integrated Commerce : Faster, Smarter and Personalized

One of the most coveted features in eCommerce is the ability to order and purchase things from the comfort and convenience of home, using a handheld device. It brings to customers the details about those products at their fingertips. It has a simple way to search, find and pay for the product you need. All these features help customers choose and buy easily, while a conventional store rely on sales personto convince the customer.

Retail businesses have to transform the customer experience by embracing technologies that give their stores the same advantages of buying from eCommerce Sites. A superior customer experience and the cost advantage attained by reduced or zeroshipping charges is the competitive advantage of the stores of future.

Arizon Digital has been instrumental in identifying and deploying state-of-the-art Buy Online and Pickup in Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online and Return in Store (BORIS) solutions. These empower small retail businesses with the same online searching and ordering ability as on eCommerce sites. Instead of home delivery, these solutions offer the ability to configure multiple pick up and return points for customers to pick up/return the order themselves. Our solutions help stores to reinvent the small retail business and deliver customer-friendly experience that help to compete with the big eCommerce sites.

  • Purchase from Anywhere

    Arizon Digital’s BOPIS/BORIS solutions bring together the best of online shopping and shopping at the store. They allow customers to search for products and order anytime online, from anywhere, using a customised app for your business that has a shopping cart and payment gateway, just like an eCommerce site.

  • Schedule a Pickup Date and Time

    Unlike eCommerce, where the customers are charged hefty shipping charges, BOPIS involves in-store pickup. The customer pays for the purchase online and collects the purchased items without having to wait and pay at the store/pickup location. This saves hefty shipping fees, and the customers can schedule the date and time of pickup as per their convenience.

  • Return In Store

    If the customer is unhappy with the product, BORIS lets him/her fix a time to return the product in store and avoid shipping fees. Refunds for online payments are processed online, and the customers return the products at the drop point without having to interact with anyone regarding refund.

  • Get Closer to the Customers

    You can offer multiple pickup and return points other than your main store to reach out to customers in a place closer to their location. This saves time and travel for customers and brings them closer to you.

  • Build a Rapport with the Customer

    In store pick-up and return helps you directly engage with the customers better, understand their preferences, customise shopping experiences and retain customer loyalty.