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Growth Framework - Actionable Insights

  • Quickly understand what your data is telling you about your business performance
  • Share insights with business stakeholders with a range of actionable insights.

Growth Framework - Actionable Insights at Arizon Digital
Discovering insights for your eCommerce traffic at Arizon Digital

We help you with discovering insights for your eCommerce traffic

  • Acquisition - Traffic and Audience Analysis based on user queries and keywords and channels using SEO audits and eCommerce Analytics
  • Know your customer - Develop and refine robust audience definitions that automatically classify users on an ongoing basis and target these users
  • Onsite Engagement – UX improvements and Content insights
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation - Deep dive into user onsite behaviour flow using A/B testing, Funnel Analysis, Cart Abandonment

Site Audit & Performance improvements

Your eCommerce website is the doorway to your online store and the most important asset for your eCommerce business. Through it, customers make their purchases and communicate with your company, and you should think of it as an important business asset. But have you checked your site lately? Website problems that seem simple may actually be causing significant conversion loss or increased bounce rates. Our Site Audit & Discovery Services helps compare your eCommerce business performance against key metrics, provide data on website technical performance, and delivers insights on what changes need to be implemented.

Img - Site Audit and Performance Improvement
Img - Improve Store Traffic

Improve Store Traffic

What should I do to increase the traffic to my online store by 2X? Every online business is in search of quality traffic and in this overcrowded realm of internet, success in marketing is decided by how well you manage to stand out and above the rest. To create value and visibility for your website requires a thorough understanding of some of the fundamentals behind how traffic works. At Arizon Digital, we support our eCommerce clients with SEO strategy and optimize their online presence so that the site ranks in the best possible position. This ensures traffic to the site. We also help develop relevant and highly engaging content that will make customers connect with the brand and ensure repeat visits. We also help organizations establish a strong social media presence that will help develop a better connect with prospects, to contribute to their lead generation initiatives.

Future of Retail

With competition from eCommerce stores growing the brick and mortar stores have seen steady decline in traction. Can they compete with eCommerce giants and if so how? The good news is that In fact, in 2020, more than 80 percent of U.S. retail sales will still happen within the four walls of a store*. What the brick and mortar retail stores need to do is to reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the future. New technologies and convenience driven systems seems to be the answer. At Arizon Digital we use technology to reimagine and redefine stores of the future for the digital age. These stores will offer a seamless online to offline integration. Technologies like Augmented reality for visual navigation, tactical promotions, and virtual fitting rooms bring the digital world into the shopfloors resulting in better customer experience, more sales and eventually loyalty. Our technology solutions include voice controlled shopping assistant, BOPIS - option for customers to place order online and pick up in store to avoid shipping charges, BORIS - buy online and return in store, cashierless check outs etc

Img- Future of Retail

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