Mar 27th 2020

Voice Commerce: The next revolution in retail is here. Are you ready for the change?

Voice Commerce: The next revolution in retail is here. Are you ready for the change?

With digital voice assistants becoming a part of every home, voice-enabled commerce is expected to become an integral part of the path to purchase in eCommerce. According to Juniper Research, digital voice assistants are predicted to grow to nearly 8 billion devices by 2023 compared to 1.5 billion devices as of today, creating the impetus for the growth of voice-enabled commerce. Way back in 2018, the management consultants OC&C predicted that the growing popularity of smart speakers would lead to an explosion in voice commerce, expanding to over $40 billion in 2022 for the UK and US markets, up from about $2 billion.

It is evident that a large number of people have already started using voice search as their primary means of making searches online. So, this technology is going to be indispensable for your business in the near future. Let’s take you through some of the interesting features that voice-enabled commerce possesses.

Better reach and engagement

Voice technologies enable consumers to search for product information at any time and from anywhere, thereby driving instant purchases

Makes reordering easy

Voice commerce will transform certain parts of eCommerce such as repetitive orders, or things you have already put on to your shopping list. You can have them reordered and sent home with just a simple voice command.

Automated Support based on buying behavior and purchase patterns

This feature is based on the customer data collected at various points from different sources like search history, previous purchase pattern, etc. By analysing all the personal information collected, your e-commerce store’s voice assistant can help make suggestions, close purchase and even direct the dealer to dispatch the delivery to the address given by the customer.

Speeds up your order and purchase process

With voice commerce, your customers don’t have to log in and fill out personal details to purchase a product online. This saves valuable time and makes it easy to purchase from your eCommerce store.

However, designing and developing an effective voice shopping strategy requires expertise and effort. It can be achieved only by voice applications that provide a consistent experience across channels and platforms.

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