Sep 18th 2020

In a highly competitive eCommerce space, the success of your business depends on many factors. The platform you have built your store on is one of the factors that have a major impact on your shop's performance and success. eCommerce platforms are unique and are created to meet different requirements. So, not every platform is suitable for you. You need to regularly assess how your eCommerce platform stacks up against others in terms of meeting your needs and addressing your priorities. Being stuck on a platform that is not suitable for you can hurt your business. So, it is vital to replatform early when you spot an issue and find your competitive edge again.

Why should you consider replatforming?

Scalability - Has your site outgrown the platform it’s built on?

When your business grows, you will have to expand the capabilities of your store constantly to keep up with the changing needs. For instance, when you start operations in another country, your site should be able to support a new currency, adhere to the tax rules, and add support for the language of the country. If your eCommerce site outgrows the ability of the platform to support such expansion, it can cause downtime, outages and errors, necessitating a replatforming exercise

Cost of Ownership - Are you spending too much too often?

The costs of having an eCommerce site and maintaining it are ongoing. Sometimes, the upfront costs can be ideal for your purpose, but the cost of upgrades, renewals, hosting, licensing and maintenance can be quite high, increasing the cost of ownership. If you find yourself spending on unforeseen expenses to keep your site running smoothly, then you should replatform.

Customer Experience - Is your customer happy with the experience?

Customer experience is of paramount importance for any eCommerce business. If your platform is dated or being phased out, it would have lagged behind in terms of user experience enhancing upgrades, performance, stability, and security. Replatforming is absolutely essential in those situations. Even some of the most contemporary platforms could be difficult to use and may not offer specific features/add-ons that let you customize the site extensively and serve your customers better. Features such as automated customer support are indispensable these days. You can replatform when you do not get the upgrades and features you need to meet your business objectives.

Integration - Is your eCommerce site integrated with the rest of your systems?

Integration with existing systems across the tech stack can make life easy. For instance, integrating with ERP Systems help you leverage data from across the organization and helps you make order management, inventory management, a nd other operations better and efficient. If your site does not integrate properly with your other systems, you may find yourself manually carrying out repetitive tasks. It will not only reduce the productivity and performance of your store but will also snowball across departments, consuming time and resources. When your eCommerce platform does not provide seamless integration with existing systems and plugins, you can consider replatforming.

A Step-by-step Guide to Replatforming

1. Assess your current performance

Get clear insights into the performance of your site with thorough data analysis. Identify the gaps and the areas that require improvement.

2. Identify your requirements and plan for the future

List the features that you need and identify your future needs. Plan ahead and choose a development path for the future. Take into account all the risks of replatforming before you decide.

3. Budgeting

Identify all the possible costs you may incur upfront and in the long run. Finalize a budget for the replatforming and assess whether the benefits of replatforming outweigh the investment.

4. Communicate with your Team

Replatforming has an impact on the operations of all the departments. It is important to engage with all the departments as well as decision-makers and get to know the requirements of everyone.

5. Shortlist the Most Suitable Platforms

List down the platforms that meet all your requirements, based on the identified needs and the finalized budget

6. Issue a Request For Proposal

An RFP helps to consolidate all the requirements, state the goals and objectives, and clearly communicate with all the parties involved.

7. Hands-on with Shortlisted Platforms

Gaining first-hand experience with the shortlisted platforms gives you better insights into the capabilities and foreseeable changes you may need to make to accommodate the new platform.

8. Choose Your Platform

Brainstorm the findings from your demo with all the stakeholders and choose the right platform for your needs.

9. Design a New Ecommerce Site

It is highly recommended to redesign the site completely by fully utilizing the features and capabilities of the new platform.

10. Backup and Migrate

Backup the data from the old eCommerce store and migrate all the data from the old site to the new one.

11. Optimize

Setup the shopping cart and checkout processes. Thoroughly test the ordering and shipping processes. Iron out all the issues and fine-tune those operations to provide a good customer experience. Do an SEO audit and make your site easily searchable on the Search Engine.

12. Test and Deploy

Test the new site thoroughly and scrutinize everything using the testing tools provided by the platform. Once you are satisfied, launch your brand new site and communicate with customers.

Arizon Digital - a reliable replatforming partner

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