How we work?

Our process – Designed to deliver

We are digital commerce experts. All our engagements with our clients are to use our expertise to find and deliver best solutions to unique problems each of our clients business faces. Over years we refined our process to deliver best fit design and development projects at speed and within budgets. Here’s how we work.

How we work

Our solutions – Designed to impact

The eCommerce industry is growing more competitive as the years go by, and is only expected to attract more competitors to the fray as its reach and adoption keeps going up. Such competition will inevitably make it even more difficult for growth-oriented eCommerce brands to set themselves apart from the rest, and grow their share of the market – hence there is a need to adopt new ideas and strategies that will elevate your eCommerce business against your competitors.

Design Thinking offers an established methodology for Innovating your eCommerce business, through empathy for the consumer, willingness to experiment and rethink the customer journey.

Leverage Design Thinking to not only innovate your customer experience, and to drive brand loyalty, but also to improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction rates.

Engage Arizon Digital experts to help you out-innovate your competition.

Our Difference

  • We are there when you need us
  • Our technology background with Fortune 50 companies gives you access to top of the line world-class solutions and advise.
  • We are constantly updating our processes to include the latest tools and technologies in order to deliver innovative solutions to solve eCommerce problems.
  • We employ a creative, problem solving mindset.
  • We deploy cutting-edge technology to ensure cost effective delivery
  • Maintain rigorous quality monitoring and feedback through the entire development process
  • Continuous support, consultation, and maintenance availability.

EnCoRe - Our methodology

We have a trademarked “development and delivery” model based on what has worked best for our clients. Our EnCoRe framework is a rigorous model that helps deliver the precise solutions which are fit for purpose, within stipulated budgets and on time.

Our Encore work ethic and methodology ensures a seamless hassle free solutioning and transition. The Encore methodology implies that we are following the best practises at all times.

  • We employ the best in development strategies to deliver the best fit solution.
  • We ensure a seamless transition, we go through a rigorous product testing process before delivery and deployment.
  • We maintain product efficiency we keep up on any project ensuring continued success and improvement.

EnCoReTM Delivery Method and Playbook

Encore Delivery Method And Playbook


Partnering to develop a clear and actionable Digital Journey based on business objectives, prioritization, design thinking, dependencies, risk mitigataion, and practical considerations


Iterative playbook that helps deliver the solutions without losing sight of success criteria by using a rigorous value measurement framework.


Maximizing business value through continuous improvement.