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Volusion comes equipped with powerful tools for setting up an eCommerce store. You can easily create product catalogs, design a powerful display of products etc. However, its complicated pricing structure can escalate the costs quickly. It also lacks in content management tools such as blogging, and other key marketing tools that drive growth.

For eCommerce stores looking to grow fast, straightforward pricing and powerful marketing tools, BigCommerce is the platform of choice.

Three reasons to migrate from Volusion

Basic templates and SEO features

eCommerce store owners strive to build stores that are unique and modern. The templates provided by Volusion are basic, very often not responsive and customizable and lacks SEO features

Not suitable for adding new features and scaling

eCommerce platforms constantly need to get updates and incorporate innovations relevant to the changing times and demands. Volusion does not fare well vis-à-vis other platforms when it comes to updations, innovation and extensions. If you are thinking of scaling up your operations Volusion may not be the best platform to be in especially since its is a closed platform which hinders the scalability and API support

Security Concerns

When the development of a platform slows down, sites built on it become vulnerable to security threats. It can place your site at great risk.

3 reasons to migrate from volusion

Why BigCommerce

Out-of-the-box features I Highly Secure I Endless Innovation

BigCommerce is a fast-growing eCommerce platform with a strong customer base around the world. With plenty of features to keep your eCommerce store up-to-date, intuitive and customer-friendly, it offers you a stable base to build on your strengths, address your business challenges and meet your objectives. It helps you sell across multiple platforms and promote products with powerful marketing tools.

BigCommerce Advantages


Low ownership cost


Easy-to-use interface and features


Automatic data back-up


Powerful Marketing tools


Integration possible with 60+ payment gateways


Plenty of apps and built-in tools for sales


Industry-leading 99.99% uptime


Extremely scalable & ideal for fast-growing businesses


Excellent security measures


Ability to sell Across multiple channels


Support for multiple languages


Access to unlimited storage and bandwidth

Hire the Experts for your BigCommerce Migration

Migrating your store to a different platform takes highly trained professionals with a great deal of experience to handle such a complex undertaking. At Arizon Digital, we have a dedicated team of Experts who specialize in migrating stores built on Volusion to BigCommerce. We can partner with you, understand your requirements thoroughly and provide you with a smooth and highly reliable platform migration.


Proven Track Record - 100+ Replatforming projects

We have a proven track record of successful platform migration and a long list of satisfied customers who have migrated their site to BigCommerce and achieved a great deal of success.

Volusion to BigCommerce

WooCommerce to BigCommerce

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