90% of retailers plan to implement BOPIS by 2020

The competitive retail landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift. Today you find the brick-and-mortar operations supplementing their efforts with the limitless potential of the internet while the eCommerce stores are venturing into traditional brick-and-mortar retail. This synergy between online and offline will define the future of retail.

Arizon Digital’s BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-Up In Store) app provides your customers the flexibility to order goods online and pick them up from a nearby store at their convenience.

If you are selling online in addition to having retail stores where customers can Pick-Up their order, BOPIS gives you the ability to offer store Pick-Up to your online customers. BOPIS allows you to set-up multiple Pick-Up Locations and helps your local customers decide their nearest location using the driving directions provided by the app.

Features that make our BOPIS APP unique

User Experience | Power to Choose | Improved Conversion

ot only does BOPIS provide better customer engagement but it also benefits the retailer in multiple ways. From increased online orders, incremental in-store traffic to inventory tracking, the benefits are many.

Increase in sales

A trip to the store for a Pick-Up can translate into additional purchases right then and there. This also presents the perfect opportunity to influence how the customer feels about your brand and add value to the relationship.

Lower shipping costs

Very often store owners lose money when it comes to order fulfillment. Shipping costs can turn out to be expensive with other overheads adding up like labor and packaging costs etc. BOPIS helps retailers save on last-mile shipping by providing customers the choice to Pick-Up items from the store at their convenience.

Better inventory tracking

Most of the retailers treat their offline and online businesses as separate entities and maintain a separate online and in-store inventory system. With BOPIS you have the ability to track inventory across these systems and support in-store Pick-Up.

Works with existing online stores

Most retailers have existing eCommerce businesses and are looking to augment it with this new feature. BOPIS is a stand-alone solution which can be integrated with existing sites to provide this service to their customers.

Feature-rich and Easy to Install - BOPIS App

Mobile friendly UI with email & text notifications

Directions to selected store using Google Maps

Customers can choose Pick-Up date and time

Configure store hours and blocked dates for store Pick-Up

Allow Store Pick-up based on Product SKU (e.g. Drop Ship Items can be flagged as not relevant for Store Pick-Up)

Low Inventory alerts for store Pick-Up products

How does it work?

Install BOPIS app | Configure the app | Manage Pick-Up Orders

BOPIS provides an intuitive Admin Dashboard that lets you get started immediately and customize your store Pick-Up and enable a better customer experience in the UI. From improved visibility, to better management of orders, the benefits are many.




or $45.83/mo if billed annually

Offer Store Pick-Up to your customers
1 Pick-Up Location
1000 SKUs
1 Admin User
Inventory Tracking
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Advanced Features for Enterprise adding BOPIS to their Online Stores
Multiple Locations
Unlimited SKUs
Mixed Cart
Multi-Location Inventory Tracking
SMS Alerts


Setup Support
If you need help with setting up BOPIS in your store, our highly responsive team is standing by to support you and help you with the installation.
We will setup the app for you
Troubleshoot any issues and resolve them quickly
Make any UI Modifications to match the site*
Onboarding & Training for the Admin Users
Call +1 (281) 241-9393
If you are interested in our Enterprise Solution, our team of experts will meet you to discuss your specific needs and configure the BOPIS solution for your business.
Confirm specific requirements
Load necessary data and complete the Setup
Make any UI Modifications to suit the requirements
Onboarding & Training for the Admin Users
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How Does BOPIS Work?

BOPIS gives the customer the option to select a convenient Pick-Up location, Pick-Up date & time, during the online purchase checkout process. The retailer will list the business days and local times available for store Pick-Up. Once the Order is received by the Merchant, a communication is then sent out through e-mail confirming the schedule for store Pick-Up. The customer then goes to that location to collect their order.

2. How do I integrate BOPIS with my BigCommerce store?

The BOPIS App is available for download in the BigCommerce App Store. The app will automatically connect with your store and pull the necessary data like store address, products, inventory, etc. The BOPIS Admin Dashboard is accessible through the BigCommerce Control Panel > Apps > MyApps.

3. Can I install BOPIS for Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, or any other eCommerce platform?

Yes, BOPIS can work with all eCommerce platforms. For other platforms, please contact us at [email protected] and we can install the app for you.

4. Does BOPIS have low inventory alerts?

Once the BOPIS app is installed, the next step is to integrate with your inventory management system to enable tracking the product availability. This helps keep track of every item in stock and provide real-time updates for staff and customers on the inventory availability before confirming the order. BOPIS also allows you to configure warehouses for each store, thereby allowing you to manage deliveries easily.

5. What are the steps involved in processing a BOPIS order?

Once a customer places a BOPIS order, an email or text message is sent out to them automatically confirming receipt of their order. When the Order is ready for fulfillment again the customer receives a "Ready for Pick-Up" email or text message with instructions for picking up the order. You can set options for holding an order for 'x' number of days depending on the merchandise.

6. What happens when a customer does not Pick-Up his/her order?

Items that are not Picked-Up will be canceled and the payment method provided at the time of the order will not be billed.

7. How do customers know if a product is available on BOPIS?

Products that are available for Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store will display notifications of their eligibility for the service on the product listing page when you perform a search. It will also notify the locations available for Pick-Up.

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