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Cybersuite for digital assets

Img - A Secure Solution with advanced License Management

A Secure Solution with advanced License Management

ArizonCybersuite, the license manager tool from Arizon Digital,provides you with an effective and secure way tomanage your rights over your content. ArizonCybersuitegives you the freedom to create and sell your content online without risking loss of revenueto piracy and other malpractices. It secures your digital content sales and ensures every purchase is licensed, secure and non-transferable. It assigns a unique auto-generated license keyto every purchase and prevents indiscriminate copying of your content. It also prevents purchasers from transferring or selling the product to another party.

  • Easy-to-use cloud-based licensing app
  • Compatible with all eCommerce platforms
  • Flexible
  • Tracking features to manage and renew licenses easily

Safeguard your digital products from piracy

While the opportunities are plenty, the threat of your work or product getting illegally shared and used is even greater now. Piracy can hurt your income and prevent you from getting paid for the content you created with a great effort and investment. So, commercializing digital products securely is still a challenge.While digital asset tracking and management tools have evolved, it can still be a daunting task for both individuals and large organizations to manage. We at Arizona Digital understand the scale of this problem and offer a secure and easy-to-use licensing solution.

Discovery and Planning at Arizon Digital
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Market to the whole world

The digital universe is ever-expanding, and the whole world is your market place today. As the reach improves and internet empowers more people across the world, you as a premium content creator get new opportunities every day. Your creation, be it an e-book or a new software or the music you have created or your latest art, can be marketed tocustomers from places and markets that have been previously inaccessible.Our solution will enable and empower you to embrace those opportunities by making selling of digital content easy.

Easy Integration

Arizon CyberSuite is designed to make adding license control quick and easy for development.

Any Language

The licensing API can be from any language including java, C++, Net C#, Delphi & Python.

Simple installation

The licensing complexities are in the cloud leaving a simple and portable client installation.

Cross Platform

It runes on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Cloud Based

Arizon CyberSuite provides cloud based activation and license monitoring services for you no servers required!


Using Google AppEngine means that the services scales up automatically to meet peak demand.

Realtime Feedback

Monitor the use of your software in realtime .

Low Cost

Pay only for the services that you use .

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Initiating purchase

The customer interacts with the eCommerce/online shop front end and places an order.

ArizonCybersuiteworks at the back-end, invisible to the customer. It is registered with the eCommerce platform using a secret token and is hosted in AWS. Access to it isrestricted through security group settings. Additional security rules using WAF (web application firewall) can also be implemented in AWS, if required.

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URL Generation

When a customer places an order in the eCommerce platform,he/she receives an email notification with license code/s and a URL to the shop sales order history page.

Each unit of a downloadable product has a unique license code and corresponding URL. For instance, if a customer orders five units of the same product, he/she will receive five license codes. For each license code there will be a unique URL. These URLs will be created only after the order is placed. This URL is available only to the end customer and will be perpetually active.It has no link to the actual product download link. This URL/license code is only visible to the customer in the customer history page.

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How the URL works

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Product Download


1. What are digital products?

Digital products are those products or services that do not have a physical form. Few examples for digital products are e-books, video games, music, software products, digital photographs etc.

2. What are the popular digital products that you can sell online?

In today’s digital world setting up a shop and selling products have become easy. Within this universe digital products are considered to be more profitable because you don’t need to stock inventory, orders are fulfilled instantly online leaving you with enough time to do what you are good at, create content. Some of the popular digital products you can sell online are e-books, software products, educational videos, Pdfs, music, movies, graphics, podcast etc.

3. How to sell digital downloads or digital products online?

You can sell digital products on your own website hosted on any of the popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify or through the popular existing eCommerce platforms like amazon, etsy etc.

If you have decided to build your own shop online, the first step is to decide the name and register your business name and domain name. Step 2 is to choose the online store builder from the many options available today. The next step will require you to design how your shop look like. You will also need to get the mandatory certificates before you start selling online. Once your shop is up the most important step is to market it well so that it reaches the right target audience.

4. Which are the best eCommerce platforms to sell digital products?

Most of the eCommerce platforms available today support the sales of digital products. BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify etc are few of them. They come with different features and all sorts of possibilities in terms of selling digital goods. Few important features to check out before deciding on the platform includes storage provided for your digital files, automation and simplicity of the model. Also do consider other features like discount management, shipping and tax calculations, simple payment processors etc.

5. How can I protect my digital products from illegal sharing online?

There are many ways to protect your digital products from piracy. Few of them are listed below.

Protect your documents with watermarks. There are ways to stamp and watermark your products with the original verified customer’s name, order number etc. This can prevent people from making copies of your document and reselling them.

Set limits for downloads and Streaming. To prevent customers from illegally sharing your product with others you can look at a streaming model rather than allowing them to download your product. The streaming model is most suitable form music, video content or podcasts. Here you can even set limits for streaming.

Utilize License Keys – A license key is a code you can generate automatically and send to your customer giving them permission install or download your product. If anyone else tries to use the product they will be asked to enter a license key. This will prevent them from accessing your product illegally, effectively protecting you from illegal sharing or piracy. Documents, Software and Apps are most suited for this model.

6. What are license keys and how do they work?

A license key is a data string that can verify if the user is authorized to access thedigital product. This security tool essentially helps prevent piracy and gives organizations and individuals the ability to restrict the use of their products to verified customers and thereby protect their product fromunauthorized copying or sharing.

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