Dealer Connect incentivizes your dealers and affiliates for every purchase their customer or referrals make. A perfect tool to foster dealer /partner engagement, enhance your product visibility, and increase sales.

Dealer Connect

Research shows 83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from a trusted source and when your brand gets recommended, they are likely to give it a shot.

Dealers wield the power to recommend your brand and encourage customers to buy them. Hence, it is important to make selling your products an attractive proposition for them. Dealer Connect not only incentivizes your dealers for selling your products it also makes it easy for customers to recognize and give credits to the dealers with whom they have a relationship going while making a direct purchase from your site. This inspires the dealers to further promote your products.

Maximum Features

The most Dealer-Friendly and Easy-to-Use App

Configure incentives to dealers every time a customer chooses to recognize them and give them credit
Shows dealers for selected products on Google Maps
Lists dealers based on geographical location
Configure your parrner/Dealer incentive based on customised parameters

An app that allows you to manage dealers better and expand your reach and strengthen your trusted network

  • Manage dealers with a powerful dashboard
  • Incentivize your partners and motivate them to purchase and promote your products
  • Give dealers incentives in the form of credits that they can avail during the next purchase
  • Allow customers to recognize and support their nearest dealers
  • Configure a wide range of filters for customers to narrow down to the preferred dealers based on various criteria
  • A comprehensive interface that gives Dealers access to your system with relevant information, such as special pricing and other terms.

Why Dealer Connect ?

A Complete Dealer Management Solution| Improved Conversion | Incentivize Partners

Dealers are an essential part of B2B business. Empowering your Dealers with the right platform and tools is the first step towards expanding reach, improving customer experience and increased online orders..

Motivate dealers

Give dealers compelling reasons to purchase your products and promote them to customers through highly customized incentive programs

Expand Reach

Expand your dealer network by offering attractive incentive programs and enabling customers to recognize local businesses.

Increased online orders

Enroll dealers from different localities and get more online orders by offering more choices to customers.

Main Reasons to Integrate Dealer Connect

Dealer Connect enables dealers to enroll themselves with ease, thus helping you expand your reach.

Dealer Connect helps you manage your dealers and classify them based on geographical location and other criteria.

Attract more dealers with incentive programs and help customers choose from a multitude of dealers from nearby location.

Dealer Connect: Pricing

Setup Fees (One time) Enable app settings and Configuration
Monthly Hosting & Maintenance Fees (Recurring) App Uptime Monitoring, App tuning & upgrades for Optimal performance, App hosting in AWS
Optional Customization (make app fit for purpose) Client specific customization to make the App your own – based on actual effort

Dealer Connect: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Feature-rich and easy to Install Dealer Connect

How Does Dealer Connect Work?

Dealer Connect is an app that helps you attract new dealers, add them, manage them, and provide them with incentives based on customer loyalty. This app can be integrated with B2B eCommerce sites built on BigCommerce. An easy-to-use interface lets dealers enroll themselves. The app lets you view and classify dealers based on various criteria - from geographical location to custom-defined tiers. It lets you customize incentives for various tiers of dealers. Dealers get these incentives as credits whenever a customer chooses to recognize them while purchasing. The dealers can use the credits to purchase your products. This rewarding system motivates them to purchase and promote your products. It also encourages more dealers to enroll with you.

2. What does the dashboard show you?

The powerful dashboard helps you visualize data and see the dealer location on maps, empowering you with key insights.

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