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  • As the world moves ahead with digitalized business processes, businesses are looking for ways to optimize, automate and achieve efficiency through various means. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of those technologies that help achieve speed, efficiency and savings.

    EDI encapsulates all the business documents related to B2B communications, such as invoices, purchase orders, advance ship notices, etc., in a standard electronic format so that they can be exchanged with various trading partners quickly. EDI is read by the computers. As a result, they need not be manually managed or intervened in anyway. This reduces human error, saves cost and makes the workflow through the supply chain fast, accurate and efficient. This increase in speed, accuracy and efficiency helps you become more flexible, make quick decisions and rapidly adapt to the changing market conditions.

    If you are running a B2B store and working with a lot of vendors and partners, manually managing the orders, routing them to the vendors and trade partners, tracking the orders and communicating the progress to the customers take a lot of resources. EDI helps you automate these processes, and Arizon Digital can help you integrate EDI with the ERP system, save cost and achieve speed and efficiency.

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