Data Integration
Are you worried about how to handle growing quantities of data?

Data is the lifeline of any eCommerce business. The more effectively you use data, the more successful you are. At Arizon Digital we help you achieve real operational efficiency through clean data that is in sync across the landscape. We spend time to understand your business needs, exiting systems and growth plans to arrive at the right integration solutions that will ensure a better customer experience.

Arizon Digital's eCommerce Data Integration Solutions can improve many of your business processes. Our solutions enable seamless transfer of data between the front-end eCommerce site and the back-end server to provide real-time availability of inventory, pricing and other crucial details. It plays an important role in providing a good user experience for the customer and minimizing labour-intensive manual intervention to keep everything running smoothly. At Arizon Digital we design, build, host and manage customized digital integrations to meet your exact requirements.

Fit for purpose: Automating the data transfer and ensuring the validation of data by building fit-for-purpose integration solutions.

Various formats: Supporting different types of data formats like API, XML, JSON, CSV, TXT, EDI, etc through SFTP for the transfer.

Error workflow: Error reporting that is easy to understand and fix, allows businesses to reduce their cycle time and continuously improve the data quality, minimizing such errors in future.

Whether you need API Orchestration or Simple point-to-point integration, we can quickly enable those with our Shared ADIS Cloud Hosted Integration Solution, pre-built accelerators, and reusable connectors.

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